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Build toned muscle and burn fat with our

3-phase body toning system


Sometimes eating healthy and exercise don’t always give you the body results you are seeking. These efforts are needed for a healthy lifestyle, but when you desire a specific look or shape, it’s time to consider body sculpting. Venus and Venom offer cosmetic procedures to help your body reach the desired shape that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Our bodies play a huge part in how we identify with ourselves and the world. As we age or continue to lose and gain weight due to pregnancy or health issues, we can begin to look much older than we truly are. 

When skin begins to sag and collect pockets of fat, it can be extremely resistant to exercise

If you are experiencing these issues, you may  be a good candidate for body sculpting treatments with Venus and Venom. 

Benefits of Body Sculpting

There are many procedures that body sculpting consists of. They are designed to target areas of the body that help remove fat deposits in localized areas. 

Some of these areas include:

  • Arm lift
  • Lower body lift
  • Tummy tuck
  • Thigh/buttock lift


How our body toning system works

Our body toning treatment uses bioptic impulses through a series of different waveforms to replicate the effect of normal exercise by flexing and contracting your muscles, helping you burn fat and build muscle.

From the time we are born until around the age of 30 years old, studies show that muscles continue to grow larger and stronger. After we reach the age of 30 muscle deterioration also known as Sarcopenia begins to set in and our bodies begin to lose muscle mass.

Phase 1: Warmup

The procedure begins with the device warming up your muscles similar to a pre-workout routine.

warm up phase of body toning similar to working out venus and venom medspa
phase 2 of body toning treatments venus and venom medspa
Phase 2: Muscle Toning

In this phase, the body toner increases intensity and improves muscle definition and shape. 

phase 2 of body toning treatments venus and venom medspa
Phase 3: Workout

This phase is maximum intensity aimed to break down and build muscle. 

phase 3 of body toning treatment venus and venom medspa
Check Out These Amazing Results
before image of waist before body toning treatment venus and venom medsparesults of body toning treatment venus and venom medspa
before waist of man body toning treatment venus and venomwaist of man after body toning treatment venus and venom medspa
Benefits of our Body Toning system
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